AnMol (Billing Software)

AnMol is a comprehensive Billing Management Sstem to manage facets of a SHop for Billing.

It is very effective software which manages your biiling. It is so easy to use that you need not to have a person specially to operate this.

AnMol is designed for small shopkeepers who can not afford an expensive software and are willing to make the system computerised.

AnMol is a billing solution only. it keeps track of all your sales and generates report further for the sales analysis.

AnMol is build up with a effective UI that the seller need not ot be specialised to run it. it can be run by any person.

  •     Easy to use (Very user friendly).
  •     Equip with upgraded intelliSense
  •     Highly truzted
  •     Running in 200+ shops.

  • Security:

    •     Lock System with out closing the the application
    •     Bills can be edited after unlocking.
    •     Bills once printed, will be locked for further changes.
  •     Various reports based on sales are introduced.