eSkool (School Management Software)

eSkool is a comprehensive School Management Software solution to manage all facets of any Educational institute.

Efficient management through disciplined action distinguishes the best institutes from the good ones. It is the secret behind the success of all modern educational establishments. Many schools across the country are happy that they started using ‘eSkool’ to monitor all their campus activities.

This user-friendly School Management Software has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the requirements of school and in close coordination with the educationists of distinction, thereby proposing to increase the efficiency of the entire system. Its primary purpose is to provide mechanisms for automated processing and tracking of student information for an educational institution. The software helps educators to manage, analyze and report extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. This School Management Software is a complete solution for management of educational institutions, covering all the aspects of educational business, including administrative, accounting and key academic activities.

eSkool is a School ERP solution that is integrated with RFID, smart cards, biometrics and bar codes as per the schools requirement. We have introduced C.B.S.E. Based CCE Examination Result System with this ERP, which helps schools to generate results without hassle.

eSkool helps in organizing various aspects of schooling. Single platform integrity makes it practical and easy to implement. The effective assistance on the solution helps you to utilize the timings for better tasks to be accomplished.

  •     Easy to use (Very user friendly).
  •     This is Multi-user Software, which allows all the modules to work under a single server.
  •     Integration of new and emerging technology like SMS, Email, RFID, Barcode, MICR Reader, Biometrics etc. as Client Requirment
  •     Send SMS to Parents for absentees about their ward.

  • Security:

    •     Administrator can have complete access to all modules of system and have Complete information from each department.
    •     Software is protected with multi-level password protection for security.
    •     Inbuilt Backup & Restore facility to ensure "Data Protection".
    •     User wise access right is defined i.e. Library operator can’t access the data of Fee Module etc. but administrator has complete right to view all reports from all modules.
  •     Students are automatically upgraded to next level as per their results in Examination Module.
  •     Super Admin Control facility to control over admin rights. MIS reports can be sent to Super Admin via Email.